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Application and advantages of auxiliary equipment for wire drawing machines

时间:2023-05-31        阅读

In the metal cold working industry, wire drawing machines are widely used equipment that can process metal materials for different purposes of metal wire. The auxiliary equipment of the wire drawing machine can also improve production efficiency and product quality. The following will introduce common auxiliary equipment for wire drawing machines and their advantages.


Oiling machine

The oiler can apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil or grinding agent to the surface of metal billets, which can reduce wear, extend the service life of the mold, and achieve high-quality products.

Shear machine

A shearing machine is a device that can cut the metal wire produced by pulling into different lengths. The use of a shearing machine can improve processing efficiency and make it more convenient.

Steel wire reel machine

The steel wire reel machine can coil metal wires for convenient transportation and storage. In addition, due to the less deformation occurring after the coil, unnecessary trouble in the subsequent stages is avoided and product defects are reduced.

Correction machine

The deviation correction machine can help the wire drawing machine automatically correct deviation issues, ensuring the accuracy of the wire drawing line. Significantly improved product quality and accuracy.

In summary,Auxiliary equipment for wire drawing machineIt is more convenient to carry out diversified processing of metal materials, improving production efficiency and product quality, and providing possibilities for the metal cold working industry. Therefore, for users of wire drawing machines, it is very necessary to choose auxiliary equipment that is suitable for their production needs.

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